Tibetan People Pokhara Valley, Nepal

Pokhara Valley, Nepal

Tibetan Refugees

Teams live and work with the Tibetan refugees in Pokhara Valley of Nepal, 45 minutes by plane from Kathmandu.

Site Specifics

Pokhara Altitude: 2,480 ft.
Airport: Kathmandu, Pokhara
Typical Foods: Sweet tea, rice, beans
Lodging: Communal quarters
Language: Tibetan, Nepali and English

A Brief History of the Partnership

Xperitas partners with the Lodrik Welfare Committee, a group of Tibetan refugee leaders dedicated to their community. Decisions for the settlement are made as a group and on behalf of the collective. Learn more about Xperitas' commitment to mutually beneficial partnerships.

Community Projects

Xperitas teams may work on a variety of projects in Pokhara Valley. The Lodrik Welfare Committee has recently invited Xperitas teams to partner with local settlement families to repair damaged roofs in the community.

What will we do? Sample Activities

Xperitas CP programs don't follow exact itineraries because each visit to our partner communities is unique. In the past, Xperitas teams have participated in the following activities at this site:

  • Learning about the resettlement of Tibetan leaders to Nepal and their unique journey
  • Collaborating on community efforts like moving rocks, building garden walls or other construction projects
  • Harvesting rice with local community members
  • Building relationships by sharing stories, cooking or playing games with host families
  • Reflecting on shared experiences with the team and developing knowledge of the community

Extend your Trip Ideas

Many past participants have extended their stay in Nepal to explore other enriching activities. While we are not a provider of these services, we may have recommendations and contacts near the site who can assist you with your trip extension. Contact Xperitas for more information.

Some of the nearby activities you may enjoy include:

  • Spend time in Pohkara, where you can either relax on the shores of a quiet lake or kick it up a notch with a white water rafting trip nearby.
  • Become immersed in all of the unique sights, smells and sounds of Kathmandu.
  • Take a short, moderate trek to Everest Base Camp and see the world’s highest peak.

Contact us to learn more about programs to Pokhara Valley.