Stories from our participants and community members

Xperitas programs change lives. They open minds, connect people and transform the way our participants see the world. But don't just take our word for it. Hear from our participants and community members what the Xperitas experience has meant for them!

We also invite you to share your Xperitas story.

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Attitude is Everything

Parent vs Participant Perspective

As a parent, you want to ensure your child’s family stay abroad will be safe, fun and life-changing in all the right ways. Jackie, parent of Sophia, a past France program participant, told us how attitude made the biggest impact on her daughter’s...

Where are they now? Mitchell

Alumni Story Series

Welcome to our new Alumni Story Series, where we share what our alumni are doing post-travel and how their experience has influenced their lives.

When to Disconnect

Reflection and Self Awareness

Today's advances in technology make it possible for travelers to stay connected nearly 24/7, but this can be detrimental to your student's learning experience. Learn how to help your teen prepare to disconnect and learn.

Bring the World Home

Host Family Story

Hear about what the hosting experience was like for a family in Michigan and how they built friendships to last a lifetime.

10 things to know for your trip abroad

Participant Story

Preparing for your trip this summer? Read about a past participant's experience to learn 10 travel tips to know before you go!

Join Xperitas at the Spring HSRA Concert

Xperitas News

Save the Date for April 14! Xperitas will be hosting an amazing collaboration concert event, featuring the student choir at the High School for Recording Arts and the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir. Proceeds will help raise funds for the...

Better Together: Building One Global Community

Xperitas News

A message from Xperitas CEO Alain Thiry about the success of the transition to Xperitas and how we are truly better together.

Edda's Spanish Immersion Experience

Participant Story

Xperitas Ambassador Edda Perry shares her Spanish immersion experience and plans to incorporate her language skills into her goals for the future.

Partnering with Purpose

Community Update

Carroll University gets it. The Xperitas Community Partnership philosophy is to build long-term relationships with primarily indigenous communities. Carroll has embraced this philosophy of intentionally connecting with communities to establish...

Christmas in France

Photo Essay

This was to be my first Christmas away from home, and I was nervous. I was four-months into my first year in France, and though I was beginning to feel at home with my host family, I wasn’t sure I was ready to face their extended family yet. I...

2016 Photo Contest Winners

Xperitas News

Each year, Xperitas holds a photo contest to provide an opportunity for our participants to share a snapshot of their travel experience. View the winners of the 2016 Xperitas Photo Contest!

As American as Pumpkin Pie

Photo Essay

Most U.S. Americans are familiar with the expression “as American as apple pie.” However, it wasn’t until I studied abroad in France (and later lived and worked in France and Belgium) that I realized just how deeply rooted pumpkin pie, and more...

My Favorite Chirapa Memories

Community Partnership Program Participant Story

In June of 2016, I was lucky enough to be part of a team who spent 10 days in a small village called Chirapa in Peru. Our group worked for six months planning and organizing fundraising events to make this trip happen, and it was all worth it!

A New Partnership: Entonet, Kenya

Community Update

In May 2016, we sent the first Xperitas team to a new partnership in Entonet, Kenya. Our partners in Odienya, Kenya, connected us to the community in Entonet who were interested in exploring a partnership with us. We were invited to partner with...

A Big "Miigwetch" to the White Earth Community

Community Partnership Program Participant Story

It started to snow on our way up north and I was reminded of Bob’s words, “Remember, it’s only May in Northern Minnesota — anything can happen.”

A group of students from Carroll University, my co-leaders and I were embarking on the journey...