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Language Immersion Programs

Our true immersion experiences allow students of French, German and Spanish to practice their language skills in authentic situations with native speakers. The cornerstone of our programs is a family stay experience, through which students experience everyday life in the destination and become part of a local family while experiencing total language and cultural immersion.

Our programs provide authentic, intentional immersion into the culture and language of the communities we visit. It's so much more than just a tour!

Xperitas is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting global citizenship through authentic immersion experiences. Born from the decades of shared experience of Intercultural Student Experiences and Global Citizens Network, Xperitas offers programs that embody true language and cultural immersion, inspire personal connections with diverse individuals and communities worldwide and provide transformational experiences for our participants.

The name Xperitas touches on themes of expertise and experiences. It also includes a nod to civitas, the Latin word for citizenship. As an organization, Xperitas strives to use our more than 70 years of combined expertise in educational and immersive travel experiences to partner with individuals of all ages on their journey to global citizenship.

Community Partnership Programs

Our Community Partnership Programs offer individuals, families and groups the opportunity to partner with indigenous and marginalized communities around the world to forge strong personal bonds and support projects created and led by the community. Projects serve as a vehicle for true cross-cultural connection as participants live and work alongside community members. 

English Programs and U.S. Hosting

Xperitas provides English language immersion programs in the U.S. for students from around the world. These students live with volunteer host families for 1-5 weeks and are immersed in the English language and U.S. culture. For U.S. families, these programs offer an opportunity to bring the world to their doorstep and learn about another culture while sharing their own with an international student.​​

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True cross-cultural experiences continue long past the return home. Our programs will change who you are and how you see the world, guiding you on your path to global citizenship.

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Participants make meaningful personal connections to the communities and individuals they visit. Our longtime partners around the world are one of our biggest assets!

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